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Hi there!

I’m Sabrine. I’m a filmmaker and photographer.

I was born in Canada in 1990 and since then I believe that the title “nomad” follows me. 

After 5 years, my parents decided to raise their only child (myself) in a traditional and Middle-Eastern culture, therefore, we moved back to our hometown, Nazareth. At the age of 19, I moved to Tel-Aviv to pursue my film studies at Tel Aviv University.

My photography journey has been enriched in the magnificent colorful India, where I lived with my partner for 2 years before moving to the Netherlands in 2018.

Moving from one place to another has provided me with different perspectives about engaging with other cultures and drove me to look for ways to familiarize myself with the new city; photography and writing are some of those ways.

I’m inspired by feminism, films, and obviously different cultures. And when photographing people, the director in me shows up, I find myself directing people while focusing on the art of details and keeping spontaneity and minimalism as the main aspects of my photography language. I’m a big fan of black-and-white photography, and I still walk around and capture moments with my film camera.

It may seem like you just have to decide when and where to aim your lens, but seemingly the simplicity in that is what makes it more interesting and wonderful to me.

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